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Available Phone Sex Mommies | 866-739-1010

Markedly, the best mommy phonesex is right here. Anything goes, in detail, with these moms, aunts, nannies, and grandmothers. If you are a boy, man, or adult baby, we certainly got you covered. Loving and strict mommies available 24/7 who truly love their boys. They have been waiting for you, call now.

Phone Sex Rates | 866-739-1010

$2.50 Per Minute

(10-Minute Minimum)


calls are billed discreetly

UK Callers May Bill To Your Phone

0983-939-2210 x 1342

The price per minute for this service is £1.53
Their customer service telephone number is
0203 3623009

Of course, if the girl of your choice isn’t available, you will be directed to our 5 star back up girls!

Always Toll-Free, NEVER any hidden connection fees.

Safe and honest discreet billing service whose key focus is your security and privacy.

Thank you for choosing Chloe Enterprises for all your phone sex entertainment, we appreciate your business.

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Furthermore, we offer a variety of Mommies, Aunties, Nannies, and Grannies Waiting For Men, Boys, and Adult Babies Who Want Their Mommy Phonesex.

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